Check out our Premier  selection of VTA- Vapor Technologies Austin

Check out our Premier selection of VTA- Vapor Technologies Austin

Premium Grade E-Liquid products

  • All Father- Rich Chocolate accompanied by Peanuts and mixed Berries with a subtle Banana.
  • Asgard- A Sweet Rice cereal with a rich Cream and Fruit flavor.
  • Bearded Bastard- A Blend of Tobaccos with rich Custardy undertones and a touch of Citrus.
  • Berserker*- This is a true MAX VG, smooth as silk, Vanilla Bourbon Custard.
  • BiFrost- Watermelon and Blackberry with a light smooth Menthol finish.
  • Cloud Beard- A Tropical Fruit and Citrus blend with Mango and Apricot.
  • Grandpa’s Beard- Sweet Pipe Tobacco, Sweet Cream, Butterscotch candies.
  • ILYSM- A Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chip Cookie flavor.
  • Midgard*- Spice cake with Cream Cheese frosting.
  • Odin’s Mead- Apples mingled with delicate spices accompanied by smooth Honey Tobacco.
  • Ostara- A fresh mix of juicy Watermelons, a splash of sweet Citrus, and a surprising Cucumber exhale.
  • Strawberry Valhalla- Creamy Coconut blends with sweet ripe Strawberry with hints of Vanilla.
  • Valhalla- Vanilla blends with creamy Coconuts.
  • Valkyrie- A Banana cream fosters mixed with Cinnamon cookies.
  • Yuletide*- Chocolates, with a rich Coffee blend, and a Peppermint soiree.

*will be available on a limited basis so get it while you can!

Since 2013, Vapor Technologies Austin or VTA has provided hand crafted blends for the sophisticated palates of those who vape, all over the world. VTA focuses on crafting high quality e-liquids that satisfy the refined palates of both new and seasoned vapers. Our premium e-liquids are developed through a process of what we call "Flavor Building." In this creation, all liquids are filtered in a triple purification process and then we layer the flavors to create complex and unique blends. This process gives our e-liquids a multifaceted and superior flavor profile that tastes great in all devices.

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If you're ready to take your vaping experience to the next level, purchase e-liquid products from Anarchy Vape. We offer delicious flavors that are sure to expand your palate and exceed your expectations. You won't want to go back to boring smoking flavors again.

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